In The News 104 Science trumps Psychics with Missing Flight

An article on Yahoo7 reveals that a satellite image from 9 March may reveal the crash site of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. The full article can be read online. The images were only released today.


The article goes on to state that “CNN reports that a Chinese satellite looking for the missing plane “observed a suspected crash area at sea”.

Modern technology is indeed wonderful and the internet’s capability to connect the world is absolutely brilliant.  Crowdsourcing was cited as bringing together volunteers to search the images.  The article states “The crowdsourcing effort overloaded the servers on Wednesday, with the digital company struggling to handle the huge number of people trying to find the plane”.

There has been no further mention of the psychics who were brought in to find the plane.  For me it’s simply science provides answers that pseudoscience can’t.

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